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Bylye Gody – Russian Historical Journal

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Publication frequency – issued 4 times a year.

Issued from 2006.

Russian Historical Journal Bylye Gody

Russian Historical Journal Bylye Gody is electronic theoretical peer-reviewed journal that represents the results of historical research. Issued from 2006 year. Peer review is carried out by the members of the East European Historical Society.


The history of the journal. The journal was founded in 2006 in Sochi (Russian Federation) as a historical issue on the history of the Black Sea region. By 2011, the journal had become an all-Russian historical one, and since 2015 it began to specialize on the history of the Russian Empire. In 2017–2020, the journal was published in Bratislava (Slovakia), and since 2021 it has been published at the Cherkas Global University in Washington (USA).


The mission of journal is to publish original articles, reviews and surveys on the history of Russia and Europe during the reign of the Imperial House of Romanov in 16131917 years, as well as increasing the level of research and development international scientific cooperation in the framework of this topic.


The journal’s objective is to form a new perspective on European history and the place of Russia in it, based on modern scientific approaches and the widest possible range of available historical sources, interpretation of events, phenomena and processes of the past in the context of social, intellectual, economic, demographic and military history. The attention is devoted to the development of various aspects of foreign and national policy of the Imperial House, and the influence of the dynasty on the European States, social and ethno-confessional relations, welfare, physical and moral health of the population. The editorial Board welcomes interdisciplinary research and academic debate on the pages of the journal, seeing it as a platform for the presentation of different points of view, philosophical concepts, and methodological approaches to solving problems of Russian and European history.


The editorial policy of the journal is focused on the active use and promotion of advanced national and foreign experience of studying of the Russian and East European history, familiarization specialists and all interested readers, increasing publication activity of researchers. The decision to publish the article is made on the basis of opinions of the leading scientists involved in peer-reviewing and experts on its relevance, scientific novelty, originality and relevance.


Editorial ethics is based on ethical principles, supported by a community of publishers of scientific periodicals on the requirements of the legislation of the USA in relation to copyright and on the recommendations developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).



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E-ISSN 2310-0028



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Russian Historical Journal Bylye Gody covers the actual problems of Russian history of the period 16131917 years



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