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«Былые годы» (Bylye Gody) – российский исторический журнал

Периодичность – 4 раза в год.

Издается с 2006 года.

4 December 01, 2017

1. Dzhundzhuzov S.V., Lyubichankovskiy S.V.
Kalmyks of Southern Ural in the XVIII – early XX century: Problems of Assimilation, Acculturation and Preservation of Ethnic Identity
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2. Shaidurov V.N.
On the History of the Roma in the Russian Empire (second half of the 18th – first quarter of the 19th century)
Number of views: 893      Download in PDF

3. Samokhin K.V., Korolyova L.Yu.
The Military Factor and the Mobilization Wave Mechanism as the Main Features of Modernization in Russia during the Imperial Period
Number of views: 924      Download in PDF

4. Vinogradov B.V.
The Development of Russia-Mountain People Interaction in the last quarter of XVIII century in the Context of Factors, Prospective and Problems of Integrating of Mountain People into Imperial State System
Number of views: 835      Download in PDF

5. Dushkova N.A., Grigorova V.A.
At the Origins of the Formation of the Entrepreneurial Layer Among the Handicraftsmen in the Central Chernozem Region
Number of views: 775      Download in PDF

6. Ermachkov I.A., Koroleva L.A., Svechnikova N.V., Gut J.
Military-Sanitary Affairs in the Caucasus in 1803–1808 years: the Characteristic Peculiarities
Number of views: 806      Download in PDF

7. Buranok S.O., Malkin S.G., Levin Y.A.
Estimates of the Colonial Policy of Great Britain in Malaya and Singapore
Number of views: 835      Download in PDF

8. Nurova O.G.
The Natural Environment in the Daily Life of Disabled People in the Volga region (XIX century)
Number of views: 799      Download in PDF

9. Akhmetova A.V., Dementeva V.V., Ivaschenko Y.S.
Transformation of Legal Status and its Influence on the Culture of Native Minorities of the Far East in XIX – Early XX centuries
Number of views: 818      Download in PDF

10. Cherkasov A.A., Smigel M., Bratanovskii S., Valleau A.
The Losses of the Russian army during the Russian-Persian War of 1826–1828: the Historical-Statistical Study
Number of views: 879      Download in PDF

11. Sultangalieva G.S., Dalayeva T.T., Malikov B.U.
Understanding of Kazakh Volost by Russian Officials of the XIX century
Number of views: 990      Download in PDF

12. Shashkova A.V., Rakitskaya I.A., Pavlov E.Ya.
Emergence and Activity of Legal Entities in Russia in the Pre-Revolutionary Period (comparative analysis)
Number of views: 1383      Download in PDF

13. Shakhnovich M.M., Chumakova T.V.
From the history of Religious Studies in Russia: The study of the History of Christianity (in the second half of the 19-th – early 20-th century)
Number of views: 814      Download in PDF

14. Lepeshkina L.Y.
Ethnographic Researches of Ecological Culture of the Peoples of the Volga region in the XIX – early XX centuries
Number of views: 793      Download in PDF

15. Kolesov V.I.
“Study of the Livles Remnants, Descendants of the Primitive Inhabitants of the Province”: A. Sjögren and F. Wiedemann Scientific Activity in the middle of XIX c.
Number of views: 745      Download in PDF

16. Likhachev E.N., Pustovetov G.I., Likhacheva A.E.
Evolution of the Planning Organization of Peasant Farmers in Western Siberia the middle of XIX – early XX century
Number of views: 795      Download in PDF

17. A.Y. Peretyatko
"Before Giving to the Nation or Tribe a New Order, One Must First Ask the People of this Nation Whether They Need This Order": the Local Prerequisites for the Reforms of 1860–1870 on the Don. Part II
Number of views: 798      Download in PDF

18. Nemytina M.V., N.N. Efremova, Mikheeva T.Ts.
Evolution of Judicial System of the Russian Empire: from Estate Court to All-Estates Court
Number of views: 769      Download in PDF

19. Blokhin V.V., Soloviev E.A.
N.K. Mikhailovski and the Democratic Movement in Russia in the second half of the XIX сentury: Political Doctrine and Activity (to the 175th Anniversary of Birthday)
Number of views: 828      Download in PDF

20. Menshikova E.N., Semenov M.Y., Kozlov K.V., Dvoretskiy E.V.
Night as a Special Dimension of Human Life in the Cultural Life of the Russian Provincial Town in terms of the Historical end of the late 19th – early 20th century
Number of views: 791      Download in PDF

21. Konovalov A.A., Tamazov M.S., Shorova M.B., Mirzoeva S.G.
The Concepts of Multifactor and the Historical Regularity in Russian Liberal Historical Thought at the turn of XIX and XX centuries
Number of views: 804      Download in PDF

22. Lysenko Y.A., Goncharov Y.M.
The Emirate of Bukhara and the Khanate of Khivan in Foreign Policy of the Russian Empire: Experience of the Frontery Modernization
Number of views: 921      Download in PDF

23. Alexander B. Khramtsov
Local Authorities and Prostitution in Pre-Revolutionary Siberia (on materials of the city of Tyumen)
Number of views: 784      Download in PDF

24. Stavetskaya I.V., Medvedeva N.G.
The Role of the "Siberian Trade Newspaper" in the Development of the Advertising Business of Merchant Tyumen at the end of the 19th century
Number of views: 885      Download in PDF

25. Sungurov P.A.
The Socio-Economic Situation of Omsk at the beginning of the 20th century
Number of views: 758      Download in PDF

26. Cherepanova V.N., Putilina Y.V., Savitskaya Y.P.
Historical Sources of the early ХХ century about the Siberian Students: an Analysis of Archival Data and Published Materials
Number of views: 797      Download in PDF

27. Zhitin R.M., Topilsky A.G.
Location of the Industry and Industrial Typology of the Counties of the Central Chernozem region in the early ХХ century
Number of views: 814      Download in PDF

28. Dudin P.N.
The Role of Russian Diplomatic Mission in Beijing in Safeguarding Russia's Interests in the Establishment of the Statehood of Barga (1912–1915)
Number of views: 862      Download in PDF

29. Rodina V.N.
Regulation of Behavior of Studying Youth of Siberia at the turn of XIX–XX centuries
Number of views: 731      Download in PDF

30. Mitiukov N.W., Kondratenko R.V., Korobeinikov A.V., Dashyan A.V., Mitrofanov A.F.
Networking in Scientific Projects on Naval History
Number of views: 867      Download in PDF

Number of views: 726      Download in PDF

32. Trut V.P., Borodin S.V., Tarakanov V.V.
Position of the Cossacks of the Petrograd garrison during the October uprising in the Capital and Participation of Cossack Units in the Campaign of Kerensky-Krasnov
Number of views: 868      Download in PDF

33. Chursin A.A., Semenov A.S., Kokuitseva T.V.
To the Issue of the Combat Use of Missile Weapon in the Caucasus in the XIX century
Number of views: 856      Download in PDF

34. Natolochnaya O.V., Chikhladze L.T., Yablochkina I.V., Gordeev I.A.
Sports Training in Parts of the Active Army in the Period of the Caucasian War
Number of views: 768      Download in PDF

35. Okatiev N.A., Ostrovskaya A.A., Makarov Y.N.
The Cruising Service of the Black Sea Fleet in the 1860s: Regulations and Practical Application
Number of views: 831      Download in PDF

36. Golovashina O.V., Linchenko A.A.
"Exchanging the Past": Historical Memory, Money and National Identity in the Russian Empire and Central Europe in second half of XIX – early XX centuries
Number of views: 798      Download in PDF

37. Rajović G., Ezhevski D.O., Vazerova A.G., Trailovic M.
The Exchange of Prisoners as a New Form of the Russian-Circassian Dialogue at the Beginning of the 19th Century: Part I
Number of views: 913      Download in PDF

38. Izbassarova G.B.
Institute of the Guardian in the Kazakh Steppe in the XIXth century: Legal Status and Duty Regulations
Number of views: 935      Download in PDF

39. Puzanov V.D.
The Formation and Discharge service of the Cossacks of Siberia in the XVIII century
Number of views: 848      Download in PDF

40. Pivovarova I.V., Zubareva J.V.
Charitable Siberian Students at the turn of XIX–XX centuries
Number of views: 693      Download in PDF

41. Ustinova O.V., Kirilova O.V.
Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Siberian students in the early twentieth century (on materials of the journal "Siberian student": 1914–1916)
Number of views: 727      Download in PDF

42. Ochir-Garyaeva I.K., Komandzhaev E.A.
Features of Regional Management in Russia: Historical and Legal Aspects (on the Example of Kalmykia)
Number of views: 687      Download in PDF

full number
Number of views: 2701      Download in PDF

44. Dudin M.N., Smirnov W.V., Rusakova E.P.
The Formation of Entrepreneurship in Russia: Historical Background and Modernity
Number of views: 840      Download in PDF

Articles and Statements

45. Bobrov L.A., Zaytsev V.P., Orlenko S.P., Salnikov A.V.
The Late Jurchen (Early Manchu) Helmet of the Second Half of the 1610s to the Mid-1630s from the Collection of the Armoury Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin
Number of views: 1108      Download in PDF

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