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«Былые годы» (Bylye Gody) – российский исторический журнал

Периодичность – 4 раза в год.

Издается с 2006 года.

4 December 02, 2015

Articles and Statements

1. Olga V. Natolochnaya, Lyudmila G. Zimovets, Nina I. Kryukova
Christianity on the Territory of the Russian Black Sea Region (in the VIII–XVth centuries): Historical and Archaeological Aspects
Number of views: 1270      Download in PDF

2. Leonid A. Bobrov, Aleksei V. Salnikov
Tactic "Tulgama" the Art of War the Mongols XIII century
Number of views: 1304      Download in PDF

3. Sergey F. Tataurov, Mikhail A. Korusenko
The History of Islam in Western Siberia: Interdisciplinary Approach to Chronology and Periodization
Number of views: 1078      Download in PDF

4. Sergey G. Bocharov
Genoese Domain in the Crimea (the Second Half of 14th century)
Number of views: 1397      Download in PDF

5. Andrey A. Pushkarev
Nuremberg Counting Jetons of XVI–XIX centuries: from Western Europe to Western Siberia
Number of views: 1403      Download in PDF

6. Guzel V. Ibneyeva, Iliya A. Popov
Foreign Sources in the Contemporary Works of British-American Researchers on History of Russian Colonization
Number of views: 1085      Download in PDF

7. Boris V. Vinogradov
Accessions of the Crimean Khanate (1783): Influence on Prospects and Problems of Folding of the Russian North Caucasus
Number of views: 1068      Download in PDF

8. Vladislav I. Goldin, Konstantin S. Zaikov, Aleksandr M. Tamitskiy
The Role of the XVIII Century Maps and the Population of the Higher North of Russia and Norway in the Construction of the Borders of the Internal Sovereignty
Number of views: 1102      Download in PDF

9. Sergey I. Degtyarev
Public and State Significance The Ranks of the Table of Ranks in the Russian Empire at the End of XVIII – the First Half of the XIX Centuries
Number of views: 1100      Download in PDF

10. Alexey I. Kortunov
«Orenburg Frenchmen»: Life of War Prisoners of the Grand Armee of Napoleon Who Obtained the Russian Citizenship and Stayed for Living in the Orenburg Guberniya (1814–1836 years)
Number of views: 1164      Download in PDF

11. Aleksandr A. Cherkasov, Mikhal Shmigel, Sergei N. Bratanovskii, Violetta S. Molchanova
Jikis and Jiketi in Conditions of War and Peace (1840–1860 years)
Number of views: 1164      Download in PDF

12. Natalia Ye. Goryushkina
Spirits Trade After Reform in 1863: To the Issue of Efficiency of State Regulation of Spirits Turnover in Terms of Free Trade
Number of views: 1041      Download in PDF

13. Valery A. Skubnevsky
The Function of a Trade of a Post-Reform Siberian Town
Number of views: 1118      Download in PDF

14. Yuri F. Katorin, Anatolii P. Nyrkov
First Battleships of the Coast Defense of Russian Emperor Fleet
Number of views: 3853      Download in PDF

15. Sergey L. Dudarev, Sergey N. Ktitorov
The formation of the religious infrastructure of cities of Kuban and Black Sea region in the context of the development of cross-cultural dialogue (the middle of XIX – beginning of XX century)
Number of views: 1072      Download in PDF

16. Vladimir B. Karataev, Irina N. Markaryan, Ruslan M. Allalyev
To the Issue of Historical Prerequisites and the Significance of the Construction of the Railway Network in the Caucasus (the late 19th and early 20th Century era)
Number of views: 1030      Download in PDF

17. Sergei I. Belentsov, Оksana P. Dovger, Alesia A. Kuznetsova, Natalia J. Agronina, Valentina L. Barkova
Educational Congress and Teachers' Courses as a Means of Methodical Education Teachers Second Half of ХIХ – Beginning ХХ Centuries: Regional Dimension
Number of views: 965      Download in PDF

18. Maria V. Bratolyubova, Irina G. Brizgalova, Natalia V. Samarina
Vasilii Ilich Denisov: Historical Portrait at the Backdrop of the Russian Modernization (End of XIX – Beginning of XX Century)
Number of views: 1103      Download in PDF

19. Yuliya A. Lysenko, Inna V. Anisimova, Irina B. Bochkareva, Marina F. Lysenko
Elements of European Political Culture in the Central Asian National Outskirts of the Russian Empire: Perception Specifics of Foreign Cultural Innovations (late 19th – early 20th)
Number of views: 1010      Download in PDF

20. Peter P. Rumyantsev
«Society for Welfare of Workers and Employees of Gold and Mining Fields» as a Source on Research of Economic and Social Status of Employees of the Gold-Mining Fields of Siberia at the End of XIX – the Beginning of the XX Century
Number of views: 1016      Download in PDF

21. Alexander G. Gryaznukhin, Tatiana V. Gryaznukhina
Siberian Intelligentsia in Socio-Cultural Space of Russia at the Turn of XIX–XX Centuries
Number of views: 1080      Download in PDF

22. Anton B. Mokeev
The Development of the System of Mining Education in the «Kingdom of Poland» in the XIX Century
Number of views: 1048      Download in PDF

23. Sergey G. Sulyak, Vladimir V. Kazakov
The Question of the Economic Structure of the Rusins of Bessarabia in the 19th – beginning of the 20th Century
Number of views: 1044      Download in PDF

24. Timur A. Magsumov, Marina S. Nizamova
The Country Council Work on Extracurricular Enlightenment of Adults in the Volga-Ural Region
Number of views: 1070      Download in PDF

25. Ilya V. Shpakov, Yelena D. Mikhailova, Nataliya N. Koroteeva
The Belgian Investments in Mass Transit of the Cities in Russian Empire at the End of the XIXth and at the Beginning of the XXth Centuries
Number of views: 1012      Download in PDF

26. Natalia P. Koptseva, Ksenia V. Reznikova
Refinement of the Causes of Ethnic Migration North Selkups Based on the Historical Memory of Indigenous Ethnic Groups Turukhansk District of Krasnoyarsk Krai
Number of views: 1157      Download in PDF

27. Tatiana E. Gvarliani, Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva, Ilya M. Rassolov
The Development of Agriculture and Trade Relations in the Caucasus in the Early 20th Century
Number of views: 1084      Download in PDF

28. Tatiana A. Kattsina, Еlena V. Bolonkina, Lyudmila E. Marinenko
Societies of the Mutual Credit of Siberia at the Beginning of the XX Century: Number, Structure of Management and Composition
Number of views: 1024      Download in PDF

29. Konstantin V. Taran, Natalia V. Svechnikova, Stanislav I. Buslaev
The Activities of All-Russian Peasant Union on the Black Sea Province During the First Russian Revolution
Number of views: 1046      Download in PDF

30. Tatyana A. Kobzeva
Financial and Credit Cooperation of Zemstvo in the Middle Volga at the Beginning of XXth Century: The Legal and Economic Aspects of Functioning
Number of views: 1081      Download in PDF

31. Konstantin A. Lotarev, Oleg V. Kuznetsov
The Revolutionary Movement in the Evaluation of F.M. Dostoevsky: To Understand Conservatism in the Political History of Russia
Number of views: 1053      Download in PDF

32. Nicholas W. Mitiukov, Kent Rand Crawford
The Method of Analysis Derived Coefficients of Database as a New Method of Historical Research (for Example, a Database of Ballistic Parameters of Naval Artillery)
Number of views: 1112      Download in PDF

33. Irina N. Litvinova
Forms of Consolidation of Provincial Society in the Conditions of World War I
Number of views: 1058      Download in PDF

34. Lyubov G. Polyakova, Valentina A. Ageeva, Leonid L. Balaniuk
The Evolution of Public Views of the Black Sea Province During the First World War
Number of views: 1045      Download in PDF

35. Dmitry N. Shevelev, Kirill A. Konev
Forms of Representation of National Identity in the Official and Pro-Government Periodical Press of Eastern Russia (June 1918 – December 1919)
Number of views: 1320      Download in PDF

36. Roger D. Markwick, Beate Fieseler
Evacuees and social stress on the Soviet home front: the Iaroslavl’ experience, 1941
Number of views: 1007      Download in PDF

Russian Historical Journal “Bylye Gody” publications for 2015
Number of views: 1441      Download in PDF

full number
Number of views: 4020      Download in PDF

39. Pavel V. Fedorov, Alexey A. Malashenkov
Between the Prohibition and Indulgence: Casual Religious Culture of the Orthodox Population Russian north in the Second Half of the XIX – early XX century
Number of views: 1066      Download in PDF

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